Good news and bad news. The good news first? Victoria's crowded renters market is about to have a little more breathing room. The bad news? More overpriced apartments are opening soon.

Let's not sugarcoat things here. The oilfield business around the Crossroads is booming and unfortunately that means higher than normal prices for living quarters even for those of us who don't work in the fields.

When I moved here 2 years ago, apartments were slim to none. You either had to make below a certain amount of money or get on a 6 month waiting list. The apartments I did find were horrible. The first year I lived here was in a 2 bedroom townhouse in a less than desirable neighborhood. By less than desirable, I mean cops were on my street constantly. And that was an overpriced crap hole at $790/mo which is pretty good by Victoria standards.

I've checked some of the newer complexes in town that have recently opened up. And, if you're lucky, you can get a small 1 bedroom for around $1300/mo. Seriously? $1300? What is going to happen to these greedy landlords once the oil dries up and the workers move on? It's ridiculous to gouge money from people because of their occupation. What's even more ridiculous is thinking people are going to continue to pay inflated prices once the industry leaves town.

The oil doesn't last forever folks.