After years of doing a morning radio show, I've definitely developed a few "favorite" guests to have on-air.  This is often for myriad of reasons.  One guest may be funny.  One may be informative or just plain entertaining.  Another may just be hot and fun to look at (Sorry Honey).  Or it could be that they love to give to the listeners.  Ain't no stuff, like free stuff. 

The people from Moody Gardens could actually fall under multiple categories.  Last year their representatives allowed me to hold a "hissing" cockroach in my hand and attempt to get it to "hiss" on the air.  It actually did let out a puff of air, but I don't know if I'd call that a hiss.  He could've just eaten Mexican before the show.

Moody Garden's folks always have a big prize pack to give away to our listeners.  And that is huge with me.   Yesterday, on my show, was no exception.  So...if you're wanting to snatch up the family for a sweet, little vacation, mini-vacation or day trip to Galveston...Here's your chance to do it the right way.  Right now, VIPS can enter to win a 4-pack of tickets to Moody Gardens on the contest page. This package includes tickets to the Aquarium Pyramid, 3D, 4D Special FX Theatre, Colonel Paddlewheel Boat, Discovery Pyramid, Ridefilm Theater.  Wow...Check it out.  Good luck.  Have Fun!!