We've all heard about the misuse of 911 over the past year... people calling with non-emergency issues and tying up the lines that should be open in the case of an actual emergency.

This may, however, be the first time that you've heard someone call in and rat themselves out.

Robert J. Michelson was curious about how much trouble he could get into for growing one solitary marijuana plant. So instead of going online like most of us might do when we had a question about the legality of a matter we are already involved in, he called 911 to ask the dispatcher that very question.

Despite numerous attempts by the dispatcher to disengage from the call for a non-emergency matter, Michelson pressed onward to get the answer to his question. Shortly thereafter, police arrived at Michelson's home and found both him and the marijuana plant in question, whereupon Michelson was arrested. The plant, however, was not charged in the matter.

To hear the audio of the 911 call, click on the "Read More" link below.

Welcome, Mr. Robert J. Michelson, to your 15 minutes of internet infamy.