You're supposed to always look twice on the road for motorcycles, but Sunday night, drivers in a small Oklahoma town couldn't help but do a double take when one man drove past on his bike buck naked.

18 year old Billy Buckley was pulled over by police wearing nothing but 1 boot...yeah....1 boot.

Police said they drove up on Buckley just before 10 p.m. Sunday. Now seeing a motorcycle hum past there isn't unusual, but a buck-naked biker is something for the books.

A boot-bearing Buckley waved the officer down, asking for clothes.

At first he said someone took his pants, then the truth comes out. This was a bet - $50 to ride from Lake Chickasha to Chickasha naked, a 20-minute drive.

"I'm confused, and marveled at the fact that this young man thought he was going to get on the vehicle nude and travel a 20 mile radius area and think nobody was going to notice," Maj. Elip Moore of Chickasha Police Department said.

Drivers noticed and called police on the macho version of Lady Godiva.

The man had no helmet and clearly no pants. This is a bet that police say could have ended in serious injuries if the biker wrecked.

"He did have boots on, though. We noticed he did have boots," Moore said.

He eventually got the clothes he asked for: an orange jumpsuit, and fellow bikers say he definitely earned his $50, because police video is proof he made it to Chickasha.

Police say Buckley is facing charges of outraging public decency and displaying behavior that was injurious to public morals.

In this case, investigators don't believe he will have to register as a sex offender.

Somebody better pay up.