While no "official" announcement has been made, word is that Van Halen is back in the studio working on a new album. Better yet, it's with David Lee Roth! This is a band I grew up with, and I have always preferred Roth's sound and style to Sammy Hagar. Coming in from the beginning, the band was groundbreaking. Eddie's playing set a new standard for Rock guitar, and his technique has been copied by others,  again and again.

Something else I always loved about the band was their songs. They had a certain feel to them, a certain swagger, not to mention those kick-ass riffs. When Sammy Hagar joined the band, a lot of people said they weren't any good anymore, etc. Their songwriting style changed, and a lot of people didn't like them as much, but I was still a fan.

When It came to a live show,  they kicked major ass! I got to see them on their first tour and at the time, they were the best live band I had ever seen. Fast forward 12 years or so, and I had a chance to see them again, this time with Sammy. Once again, I was blown away!

So, here they come with a new album on the horizon. The question is, will they still be able to come up with the hooks and riffs that made them what they were? Obviously, we'll have to wait and see, but I for one can't wait to find out!

By the way, happy 56 to Eddie today. Listen for the Van Halen Extreme Album Side today at 3:55pm!