Would you like a side of racism with your pizza, sir?  If so, head to Papa John's. 

An unsuspecting customer, of Asian heritage, picked up a pizza from Papa Johns and was shocked at what came with the pizza.

The receipt, printed out from their in-store computer, has her name listed as "Lady Chinky Eyes".


As is customary these days, instead of calling the manager, she simply took it straight to the internet.  It went viral and BAM...Even we're talking about it. 

Here's the actual receipt.

Papa John's official response to the situation, might as well of been a simple, "Ruh-Roh".  Especially considering the customer, "Lady Chinky Eyes" herself, is the Communications Manager for an Investigative Journalism Firm there in Harlem.  Again..."Ruh-Roh".   But they did offer an official apology to her.

This was how the story went viral.  Taking to Twitter on Saturday, she uploaded a picture of the paper with the caption: 'Hey @PapaJohns just FYI my name isn't  'lady chinky eyes''

Given her chosen field of work, I'm sure she realized what a firestorm her tweet would cause. 

Good for her.