Isn't it great when some fool is trying to do something wrong, and they end up getting bitten in the buttocks for it? Like in the movies, or on television. We all cheer when they get theirs, right? So it went for a guy in England.

Dateline: Bradley Stoke, where a man who was trying to steal clothes from a donation bin ended up being trapped inside of it for 4 hours. According to Police, the unnamed 28 year old man was helped up in to the bin by his friend, so he could take donated clothing from it. According to the BBC, his accomplice was chased away, and the guy ended up stuck inside for 4 hours, while firefighters worked to remove the top of the bin to get him out.

The whole incident was caught on an area surveillance camera, and after Police arrested him on suspicion of theft, they ended up letting the master crook off with a warning.

I can picture it now in a movie scene starring Rowan Atkinson as the bumbling thief.