Imagine looking at your neighborhood Toys "R" Us store for a nice, safe video for your kids to watch. You figure that with a brand as tame and family friendly as Dora The Explorer, you'd be safe, right?

Not so fast, grasshopper.

Not in the case of 31 year old Candice Connor from Queens, NY. The mother of two figured a copy of Dora's "Go,  Diego, Go" would be just the thing to keep the kids busy for a while. Well, things turned out quite differently, when in reality, her kids found themselves discovering a little cinematic gem entitled "Bubble Butt Bonanza No. 17."

Connor said she bought two DVDs at the time and watched one without incident. She saved the second one for her three year old son to watch the next morning. His older brother popped the disc in the player, and instead of Diego appearing on the screen, the eleven year old said he saw  two naked people. He said he was surprised and disgusted.  Connor said she contacted Nickelodeon and was unsatisfied with their response and has yet to contact the store where she bought the DVDs.

The mother of two said she wants "apologies all the way around."  I'm not sure but I think she meant that with no pun intended.