Alright people. We're only about 2 weeks away from October which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you remember last year, I did the "Save the Ta Tas" push on my station's website. Well, it's that time again and I'm doing it again this year and I need your help. If you participated last year you know the rules but for those who didn't it's simple:

1. A headless shot of your ta tas (to maintain anonymity)
2. Ta Tas MUST be covered by a bra, tank top, pasties, whatever but no nipples please.
3. The pic will be featured on our station's website and Facebook page for a day
4. Please be mature about this. I'm not asking for pics for my own personal's to promote a good cause so no snarky emails please. If you don't want to participate, then don't. Simple.

The sooner the better with the pics...I'm starting to compile a folder so I can hit the ground running October 1.

Send pics to

Pics will be deleted after October.

Thanks in advance!!