It all comes full circle eventually, or so it seems for a couple of former Van Halen members, who are playing together... sort of. Sammy Hagar replaced David Lee Roth as Van Halen's singer. After their falling out, Sammy was replaced by former Extreme vocalist Gary Cherone. Sammy became good friends with original Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony, and when the Red Rocker departed, eventually Anthony followed Sammy to the Waboritas, and also into Sammy's latest band Chickenfoot. Sound enough like a soap opera yet? Wait, we're not finished yet.

Sammy still does some stuff with the Waboritas, and in fact he's got a gig this Saturday in Arizona. So, the connection comes in with the band Hurtsmile, who will open for the Waboritas. Guess who fronts that band? Why, it's Gary Cherone.  Confused yet? Okay, so it's not like a soap opera where one guy is sleeping with the other guy's wife, girlfriend, pet turtle, or whatever, but it is kind of interesting, anyway.

Speaking of Chickenfoot, guitarist Joe Satriani says the followup to their first album is almost ready, and they hope to do the final mixing this month. Joe has been quoted as saying the new album will be "heavier and better than the first one."