If you drive regularly around the Victoria area, you know we do have our share of traffic problems. From idiots who try to make turns out of the wrong lane, and inconsiderate drivers that seem to think they’re the only one on the road, to road construction, and more traffic than the road can handle, especially around Victoria Mall. If you’ve ever driven in a large city, you also know our problems are nothing compared to other cities. According to a new study, drivers in the 10 worst cities for traffic spend anywhere from 30 to 58 hours a year trapped in their cars going exactly nowhere.

Traffic information and app company INRIX recently analyzed the GPS data from 100 million personal and commercial vehicles, finding that people who live in the most traffic-clogged cities sit idle on the road for an average of 40 hours annually.

Honolulu, Los Angeles and San Francisco ranked as the worst, and that’s even when you consider they’re the cities that have also seen the biggest drops in traffic congestion, most likely due to high gas prices.

The good news is that other snarled areas, including Tampa, Houston and Austin, have been spending more time stuck in traffic because their local economies are booming — and robust job growth means more people driving to work.

After factoring in population and the total number of roads, here are the top 10 worst cities for inpatient drivers, along with how much time you’ll likely spend twiddling your thumbs while behind the wheel every year:

1. Honolulu — 58 hours
2. Los Angeles — 56 hours
3. San Francisco — 48 hours
4. New York — 57 hours
5. Bridgeport, Conn. — 42 hours
6. Washington, DC — 45 hours
7. Seattle — 33 hours
8. Austin — 30 hours
9. Boston — 35 hours
10. Chicago — 36 hours