...then it probably is. Isn't that a lesson we were all taught at an early age? I know it was stressed pretty heavily in my household growing up. Sometimes however, the appeal of getting something for nothing, or at least at a really great price is just too appealing. That's what happened to an Arlington woman, who paid $200 for an iPad that turned out to be nothing more than a mirror.

Scam victim Jalonta Freeman says she has learned from the ripoff. One would hope so, after the "iPad" she got for her money was nothing more than a mirror covered in wrapping paper that was printed to resemble the device. The item was also packaged in a FedEx box.

Her first clue that the deal was a scam should have been the fact that she was approached by a man at 9pm one night while she was at the gas pump filling up her car.

Seems legit.