I didn't even know it was a thing. But apparently there are challenges popping up all over the internet. I know the cinnamon challenge or the cold water challenge but seriously? Boiled coke? I fear for the future of this planet.

Number 1...you hear people say "Ewww I'm not putting that in my body". Yes, yes you will and you will continue to pay money to do so like the rest of us. Shut up.

Number 2...Ingredients in Coca Cola are basically carbonated water and syrup. Boil away the water and you're left with what kids? Syrup! And if you boil the water out of the syrup it's going to turn into very hard, barely pliable material. And you're going to eat that? Morons. That is not how Coke is supposed to be ingested. Go play in traffic.

Anyway...here's a video of one of our up and coming bright, talented youth attempting the boiled Coke challenge. Watch if you will and see who is inheriting our planet.