If you've seen my blog in the past few days you read about the motorcyclist (Randy Duke) who was struck and severely injured by a driver who refused to carry a valid license or state required auto insurance.

From my previous blog:

"A local man, friend of ours here at KLUB Classic Rock, and husband of a co-worker was riding his Harley to work on Saturday when an irresponsible woman who refused to have state law required auto insurance AND decided to break the law further by driving on a suspended license decided she was more important and decided to turn in front of him.

Randy Duke was transported to Citizen’s Medical Center here in Victoria. He was treated as best as they could do for him here and he was then life flighted to University Hospital in San Antonio where he, at this moment, is undergoing surgery to repair a broken pelvis. At last check he was in critical condition.

What would possess someone to not only drive with a suspended license and no insurance but do so so incredibly carelessly? Is Drivers Ed in this town that lacking? I’ve personally almost been hit by idiot drivers more times in this town than any other town I’ve ever lived in COMBINED!

What makes Victoria such a magnet for such crappy drivers?

Either way, this lady has to pay a couple of tickets and is free to go about her life. Meanwhile, Randy has a long road ahead of him to even start walking again. Medical bills will pile up, bills will pile up while he’s out of work but don’t you worry. The irresponsible driver….yeah she’s back on the road already.

Enjoy your day.

Randy….we’re all pulling for you brother. Get better soon!"

If you would like to help the Duke family defray some expenses, a GOFUNDME page has been set up and can be found HERE