That from Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale, who was asked recently if he would be joining the latest rush or rock n' roll literature. 

In a recent interview, Coverdale said "It’s in the offing but I’m way too busy now. If I have private time, I’m going to watch a movie with my son or hang out with my Mrs. Whitesnake is very, very demanding 24-seven because we run three offices out of our home at Lake Tahoe. Whitesnake is a big deal. A lot of people tend to think that it’s only when we’re touring that Whitesnake is busy but it isn’t. There’s always something that we’re doing. We’re doing wine. There’s talk of fragrance or whatever.”

Currently the band is promoting their latest album Forevermore, which hit store shelves recently. Their supporting tour kicks off next month. Find the dates at the band's official website

Check out their new video.