It’s been in the news.  We’re probably all tired of hearing about it.  Penn State wants this problem to go away, and the university has gone through the motions of “caring” about the alleged child molestation charges that occurred right under their chin straps.

This has been an ongoing problem for possibly ten years and numerous high ranking individuals have either witnessed, heard about, or even suspected what was going on under the Joe Paterno regime.  It's  truly a sad way for Paterno to end his career.  Sad is probably not the right word, tragic is a better description., but it's even more tragic for Penn State University students and alumni.  It’s a mark the university will carry for a long time and will most likely never fully recover from.

Penn State has tried to be forthcoming, but as the onion is peeled back more, it’s apparent that transparency is still a long way from being accomplished.  Penn State has few options they can do on their own before the legal system may step in and do for them.

Here’s our suggestion-for a period of five years, eliminate all athletic programs at Penn State.  Yes, that’s a hardship for students that are either fine athletes, or on scholarship.  So release them from their athletic commitment to Penn State.  If the students are on scholarship and don’t want to continue their athletic activities, allow those students to continue with their scholastic studies at PSU.  Bite the bullet PSU and enact your own self imposed sanctions before allowing a legal system to place a financial burden on the university system.  This is your chance to clean your own house before someone else does.  And we all know, the cleaning of your house is not over.

For years we have looked the other way when our beloved athletes, pro and amateur, have been on the wrong side of the law.  Both present athletes and past.  It’s probably time we quit making this section of our society immune from having to observe the rules of society, like the majority of citizens have to everyday.  We know it’s happening in pro sports.  It’s happening in college sports, and it’s happening in high school sports.  Just this week, it was reported that a high school senior was living in a hotel room in a school district in Florida, so that he could play football for that district.  Look how far we bend the rules for the sake of advancing someone’s individual athletic skills at the cost to the rest of the public.

It's time for Penn State to step up.  Be the poster child for cleaning up your own mess.  Eliminate all athletic programs for five years.  Who knows? Maybe you'll even set an example for other athletic celebrity heroes.