Curbside recycling came to our fair city just a few short months ago, and based on what happens in our home, it has made a huge difference. First of all, we have 3 teenage boys, 2 adults, and a few dogs and cats living in our house, but to tell you the truth, there may be a few I don't even know about. Pets, that is. The point being, that we used to throw away quite a lot of trash. So much in facr, that we opted to pay the extra $5 a month to have an additional trash bin to use.

Even with the additional bin, and weekly pickup, there were times when we still didn't have enough room for all of it.

Now, with curbside recycling, the opposite is true. I find that the amount of our recyclables far exceeds that of the trash, so  much so, that I wish the recycling pickup was once a week, with the trash pickup every 0ther week. I am considering adding the extra recycling bin to handle our family's additional needs. I have to hand it to the city for the way the system works, because it's so easy not having to separate recyclables, the way some other cities do. I am still trying to educate the kids on what they still throw away, that could be recycled.

How is the recycling program affecting your household?