Everything increases, right? Prices rise, and hopefully wages also go up to keep pace. I can remember when the minimum wage was $4 an hour, and we would get all excited because it was going to rise to $4.25. Of course at the time, I think we were paying 49 cents for a gallon of gas. Living in Victoria, Texas with teenagers about to enter the workforce, it’s nice to see that our state is at least at the federal level of $7.25 an hour. How does that compare with the rest of the United States? Check out the highest and the lowest, according to ABC News.

States with highest minimum wage

1. Washington — $9.04
2. Oregon — $8.80
3. Vermont — $8.46
4. (tie) Nevada, Connecticut, Illinois — $8.25

States with lowest minimum wage

1. Wyoming — $5.15
2. Minnesota — between $5.25 and $6.15, depending on the annual revenues of a business
3. Georgia — $5.15
4. Arkansas — $6.25 (as long as the business has at least four employees)