About 500 soldiers are expected to get together in the Crossroads this weekend,  for the annual Warrior's Weekend. The event is a chance to honor the men and women who serve our great nation in the military. Veterans from Kentucky, Colorado, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Texas, plus from Walter Reed Hospital and Brooke Army Medical Center are expected to take part in the festivities. The soldiers will fly into Houston, and receive a police escort to Victoria. Along the way, the buses will stop in Hillje, and pass through Edna and Ganado.

There will be a dedication ceremony at Faith Family Church in Victoria at 3p.m. Friday. After the ceremony, the soldiers head to Port O'Connor for some fishing. Then on Saturday, events continue in Port O'Connor with a big celebration and fish fry. At Faith Family Church, the more than 2,500 U.S. flags that wave in the wind is quite a sight to see.  This is a great opportunity to pay tribute to those that serve our country, so why not come out for it? Here is a great new  song we're playing on 106.9 The Rock that sums up a soldier's dedication. Check it out!

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