Imagine this. You're homeless. You're walking down the street minding your own business, when suddenly you spot something on the ground that catches your eye. You move closer so you can positively identify what it is, and yep, sure enough, it's a credit card. Your mind races thinking of what you could do with it. You could turn it in to police. You could try to use it to buy food. You could use it to buy some clothes, or perhaps some shelter. Nah, that might actually make some sense.

Or, if you don't think logically, you could always get a pedicure. That's  right, a pedicure.  That's what Jonah Lee Troutman tried to do when he found a card on the ground in Voulsia County, Florida. Now the 27 yr old Troutman faces charges, after trying to use the card to get a pedicure. The shops owner tried to run the card twice and when it didn't go through, she called police.  When he was arrested, Troutman told police he thought the found card was "a blessing from God."

At least the homeless man won't have to worry about shelter for awhile, since he now is being held in the county jail.