Recently, there have been more and more reports of laser pointers being used to distract airline pilots while in the air. That's pretty serious stuff. If I were on one of those planes I'd be pretty pissed if I found out that some idiot, as a joke because they thought it was funny, was trying to blind my pilot from the ground with a laser pointer.

Well it seems this years craze when it comes to holiday decorating is causing some of the same problems, without all the intent. The FAA said an American Airlines pilot approaching Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport last Thursday night reported seeing a laser at 15,000 feet while flying over Garland.

Red, green and blue lasers projected onto homes are a new holiday trend and are a cheaper way to decorate this year. Star Shower Laser Light is one of the popular new consumer products sold at Walgreen's, Target, and other department stores for $39.99.

Although not intentional, some of the displays may not be aimed correctly. Causing lasers to not hit the house instead be shot up into the air. Something consumers of the product should be aware of.

If you bought on of these this year...please make sure it isn't aimed too high. Otherwise, the police could be knocking on your door....not the type of holiday guests you want at your party.