...that blind people can carry a concealed weapon. Huh?

O.K, that's not the original intent mind you, but it's not exactly clear that eyesight is required.  Wth...

During the last legislative session, a number of changes were made to the state's concealed carry law, including the removal of language that according to a published report gave the attorney general the right to deny applicants a license if they “suffer from a physical infirmity which prevents the safe handling of a weapon.” A spokesman for Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt, whose office oversees the concealed carry program, conceded that the office is uncertain whether it has the authority to deny a concealed carry license renewal for any physical reason, even if the applicant is blind. Schmidt's Chief of Staff  says they are working to determine the "intent" of the legislature when the change was written.

Meanwhile, I wouldn't go around pissing off blind people in Kansas if I were you.