Dateline: Indianapolis, Indiana. A 26 yr old man who was minding his own business leaving a local strip club, says he was robbed of $400. No, not from overpriced drinks or lap dances, but actually robbed... by NERDS!

According to a published Indianapolis Police Blotter, the unidentified man said he was hit over the head by what he described as "two nerdy-looking guys" who took the money out of his pockets.  Police said the man was able to walk to his nearby in-laws house, where he called police.

Can you imagine how that conversation went? He staggers up to the house at three in the morning and has to tell his in-laws, "yeah, I was at the strip club..."

I can't decide which would be harder to live down-the fact that he had to to tell them, and his wife  where he had been, or explain that he was robbed by... NERDS!

Oh, the humanity.