A.J. Clemente has become synonymous with "What NOT to do on your first day of a new job".  In fact, I'm pretty sure he will be the focus of many Intro to Broadcasting classes for years to come...poor guy.

Clemente, a recent graduate of West Virgina University, landed his very first TV gig at small town KFYR TV in Bismarck, North Dakota.  He was slated to be the new weekend co-anchor (insert Ron Burgundy jokes here) but his first day didn't quite go as planned. ::WARNING:: The video is unedited and contains foul language.

Well needless to say Mr. Clemente, you got that out of your system.  Screw the rules they instill in you during college.  Most notably "Treat EVERY microphone as it is hot".  No sir, YOU make the rules.  And for that we applaud you.  By the way, AJ was fired from KFYR the very next day and is currently unemployed and probably blacklisted from most TV stations in the country.  So think about that next time you want to make your own rules.