It started with a New Years greeting in a Facebook post by Volkswagen that seemed innocent enough this week:

We hope you had a fantastic New Year. Do you have any resolutions and what would you like to see us do more of this year?

Replies were mostly what you'd expect, people saying things they liked about the cars the company makes, items they'd like to see in future models. Then Greenpeace urged it's fans the next day to ambush the VW post:

Hello friends,  Volkswagen are asking on their Facebook page 'what would you like to see us do more of this year?' Well, Volkswagen U.K., we'd like you to stop threatening our planet by lobbying against climate laws. That would make a nice 2012. Click on their link and add your message.

The company's post got hundreds of replies, which resulted in a rather large regret that they ever opened that particular can of worms. Check out this video put together by Greenpeace that very cleverly gets their environmental message across.

Well done. Now, check out episode 2.