Want to own a pair of Google's coveted Google Glass? Yeah, me neither. Google announced that it is letting people into their explorer program today only starting at 8am this morning.

The price? Only $1500. No thanks. Knowing my luck as soon as I bought it they would come out with Google Glass 2.0 a week later and I'd be shit out of luck and $1500 poorer. And to be honest I really couldn't give a crap less about Glass.

Google Glass is responsible for causing a fair share of disturbances in San Fran over the past year or so with people getting upset at local bars and gathering spots because of the Glass's ability to record and stream live video without anyone knowing. Meaning, if you see someone walk into a bar you are in wearing Google Glass, and you know your ass isn't supposed to be at the bar, you would probably benefit from leaving. Or in the instances in question...making the wearer leave.

Not many people are thrilled about Google expanding and offering Glass to more and more people today only.

Me? I couldn't care less really....I'm just wondering why they didn't call them Googles....like goggles....get it?