I hate'em.  They're just stupid.  Sorry to offend anyone.  But then again, what kind of moron would be offended because I think causing people to be late for appointments and obligations, because there's one hundred cars going at a snail's pace is...STUPID?

It is, what it is.  Seems to me, there are far better ways to honor a deceased loved one than with a friggin' TRAFFIC JAM.

And the other drivers just pull over?  WHY?  At least the funeral procession should be contained to one lane!  Am I making sense here?

I asked a policeman friend of mine once if there were any laws regarding this and he said, " No.  You have the legal right to be an A-Hole and drive fast and honk til you're through the pack". 

So that's exactly what I am going to do from now on.  In fact, I might just put a giant rubber skate stopper on the front of my car.  Or how bout this? 

I've had it with all you dead people demanding "respect"!!  Fact is...I didn't know you.  Soooo, I didn't actually respect you when you were alive.  I had no reason to, right? So why would I start now?  And why the hell would I drive 3 mph to show you that? 

Ok, I'm HALF kidding with that previous paragraph.  HALF. 

I actually got yelled at by a traffic cop for going around a funeral procession once, on Mockingbird.  But again, there's no laws against it. So he was in the wrong.

What do you think about this?  Do you feel causing a traffic jam to be an appropriate way to honor someone? 

This was fresh on my mind today after seeing Joe Pa's funeral procession on ESPN.