Seven boaters were injured and five were hospitalized with minor to moderate injuries as a result of a bizarre accident--which was caught on videotape--Friday on Missouri's Lake of the Ozarks. Viewers should note that the footage shows the extremely violent nature of an accident that occurred when the powerboat Fountain encountered wakes caused by another boat.  It is noteworthy that nobody on board was wearing, at bare minimum, a life jacket.  All while traveling at pretty high speeds.  Doesn't exactly scream smart does it?

In any case, nobody on board was seriously hurt which is amazing to me considering the face plant the driver did.  They were all taken and treated at a local hospital as a precaution.  I bet next time they're smart and realize that just because it looks cool on Miami Vice, that doesn't always translate to real world.  Hopefully, if nothing else, they'll leave the speedboat stunts to the professionals who, you know, wear seat belts and helmets.