That's the message in a new tongue-in-cheek book that hits store shelves this this week from author Adam Mansbach, a former Rutgers professor who speaks from the same place many parents have been, trying to get a youngster to do exactly what the title of the book says. Described as "an ode to childhood insomnia, and ensuing parental frustration", the book is #2 on the sales list, based on pre-orders, it was at #1 previously, and has also spent nearly 2 months on the top 100.


The author explains his motivation.

“I wanted to riff on this whole genre of bedtime books,” says Mansbach, his weariness of the format apparent in his inability to name a favorite, or even a most hated bedtime book: “They all frankly kind of blur together for me.”

But before you get ready to read it to your little ones, check out this little sample.

“The giant pangolins of Madagascar are snoozing/As I lie here and openly weep/Sure, fine, whatever, I’ll bring you some milk. Who the f--- cares? You’re not gonna sleep.”

The pangolin (a scaly type of anteater), Mansbach explains, is his daughter’s favorite animal.

As a parent who's been there a time or 2, this book sounds hilarious! The author has written a few other gems, all with the same humorous approach including The End of the Jews, Angry Black White Boy, and my personal favorite title A Fictional History Of The United States With Huge Chunks Missing.

Check out this fan-created dramatic reading. Warning: adult content enclosed. Enjoy!