There are crazies in Florida. It seems like we are always reading stories about people going off the deep end in that state, from drunks leading police on a golf cart chase, to drunken parents ruining their kids' birthday parties. This time though, it's a fired cop who's in trouble over an ATV joyride, where he allegedly ran over 2 people.

30 yr old Derek Kuilan and another officer posed with some women who were having a bachelorette party at an area hotel, when according to an affidavit,  Kuilan then offered a ride to the bride-to-be on his ATV. The 2 were riding on the beach at around 5 a.m., with the vehicle's lights turned off. That's when according to the report, the ATV plowed into 2 people who were near the water getting their feet wet.

The 2 suffered serious injuries, one of which included a broken femur that required surgery. Kuilan faces an arraignment on the charges next month. One woman at the hotel bar said the 2 cops were acting so crazy, she thought they couldn't be real cops, and must have been part of the party "entertainment."

Remind me to stay off the beach in Miami.