How are your picks fairing? Mine, not so much. But, hey, you could still win some money, right? Follow your NCAA March Madness bracket. And if you have a perfect one, we’ll give you (cue Dr. Evil voice) one million dollars!

Think your bracket can beat our DJs? Log in below to check back and compare your bracket to Dave Fenix and Adam West, who, quite frankly, don't know squat about basketball. If you have a perfect bracket, you win $1 million!

[ncaabracket market="victoria"]

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Contest Info

  • The bracket will be updated with teams following selection announcements on March 17.
  • The (4) play-in games on March 19 and March 20 are byes -- no prediction required. Predictions are required only for the (63) games beginning Thursday, March 21.
  • Play-in game teams will initially be displayed together as one selection, until the winner is determined, at which time, the losing team will be removed.

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