Well, if you tried to go to the matinee of the monster truck show this past Saturday you were left in the dust so to speak. Earlier in the week I posted a blog regarding the promoters of the monster truck show suddenly and unexpectedly canceling the matinee showing at the last minute because of a dispute over the Victoria Community Center being double booked. A practice that has been done successfully in the past.

Anyway, it seems the promoter, Mr. Ron Woodbridge has had a change of heart. From what I've heard multiple people say it had a lot to do with endless phone calls and emails threatening legal action. Knowing he had no case, Woodbridge had no choice but to return the money to ticket holders. The following is from the Victoria Advocate:

Unused tickets from Saturday's canceled monster truck matinee show will be refunded.

Event producer Ron Woodbridge said Wednesday night that those who were unable to use the ticket at the evening event can return their tickets for a full refund.

Promoters initially said they would not refund ticket sales, blaming the Victoria Community Center for the cancelation. The event was canceled because of a co-booking at the center, Woodbridge said. Victoria Comic Con was also using part of the center.

Monster truck ticket holders were able to use their matinee tickets at the 7:30 p.m. Saturday show.

Woodbridge said there was no way to make sure only monster truck ticket buyers were going to the show, and a concession stand conflict was another reason for the cancelation.

Tickets can be refunded by emailing Race Track Promotions Director Steve Quercio at carcrushin@aol.com or calling him at 760-949-9579.

Hopefully, the City of Victoria will think twice in the future before renting out any city venue to this scumbag.