Time is running out to get in to win Splashway tickets, just for sending us your mustache pics! Read on, my my upper-lip whisker-wearing brethren!

They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are fairly ordinary, while some really go to the extreme. I'm talking about your mustache, and we want to see yours! Some notable mustaches in history include Kaiser Wilhelm, Adolph Hitler, and Pancho Villa. In Entertainment, who can forget Tom Selleck, Cheech Marin, or John Waters? Music had plenty of good ones, including Frank Zappa, Jim Croce, and occasionally Freddie Mercury. The point is, we want to see yours! Just email your pictures to klub1069@gmail.com

The winner gets tickets to Splashway Waterpark! While you're digesting that, or perhaps using a sharpie to put a mustache on the dog, check out this for inspiration.