Just in time for Mother's Day, a Pennsylvania grandmother has been arrested after her 7 year old grandson allegedly brought her drugs to school.

Grandma is 56 year old Pauline Ballinski-Munion. And she fessed up to police that she lost track of her stash while babysitting her grandson and another 1 year old child.

At first, the boy said he found the drugs on the playground at recess but later recanted and admitted to police that he actually took the drugs from his grandmother's house.

The bags, labeled "Victoria's Secret" were then distributed by the grandson to at least 1 other child who was later spotted by another woman at the mall openly displaying the drugs.

Weird freaking story but long story short police arrested the grandmother of the year and she's currently in jail awaiting bond.

And to think, all I got from my grandma was a birthday card with $5 and an ugly sweater at Christmas.