Back when I was in college, if somebody had told me about a pub crawl, I naturally would have conjured up images of getting so inebriated that I was unable to walk, and therefore had to literally crawl out of whatever drinking establishment I happened to be at.

Well, considering the fact that that is not at all what this weekend's First Annual Pub Crawl is all about, I think we can feel safe that I won't be crawling on any of Victoria's downtown sidewalks. For the real story on this totally cool event, read on...

This event is really more than just a pub crawl, it's actually a bit of a photo scavenger hunt and a  pub crawl.  Here's the official info.

Grab your friends and your smart phone and come downtown! At each location listed you will make a purchase, engage in a challenge, take a picture of your completed challenge and  then move to the next location. Each challenge you complete will earn you points and the winner will receive a "Downtown Prize". Registration is required so scan the QR code on your screen or from the posters or go to All pre-registered participants will receive a free event tshirt so get signed up today! Don't have a smart phone? Thats OK-find a friend who does and become a team or make new friends at the event and join them. Everyone is welcome and this event is FREE

For more info and to sign up, click here.

Sounds like a lot of fun!