OK here we are. Day 19 and still no sign of the missing Malaysian 777 jet that suddenly and mysteriously disappeared. Day 19 of CNN's grueling 24 hour coverage regurgitating the same tired, played out information. Even going so far as to come up with their own theories such as Aliens, or black holes.....I'm not even kidding that's the sad part. They literally spent an entire segment talking about the possibility of a black hole swallowing the plane in mid flight.

On to the next subject. The picture below is my dog, Hogan. About a month ago, Hogan went missing. Luckily, we found him 15 hours later and I wanted to make sure we never lost him again. So, you see that grey thing sticking off his collar? That's called Tagg...The Pet Tracker. You see it's about 3 inches long and about an inch wide and it fits securely onto his collar.

I got it for about $100 online. How does it work? Well, I downloaded the Tagg app and if Hogan disappears, I can track him accurately within 30ft of wherever he is....ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET!!

My question is this....See this airplane below?

That is a Boeing 777....the same type of plane missing currently. Why in the BLUE HELL can they not put something the size of a child's wristwatch on these planes instead of spending millions upon millions of dollars trying to find them when they disappear?

It makes sense right? $100 technology, or millions in searching dollars to MAYBE find a missing plane.

Why this isn't in place already is beyond me. If anyone has any insight on this, I'd love to hear it.