Are we being Punk'd?  Or is this for real?

According to "The Hollywood Reporter", a usually reliable source, Ashton Kutcher is joining Two and a Half Men. The deal is said to be all but signed, and a source says the actor is getting a "huge payday" to replace Charlie on the hit sitcom.

The deal reportedly came together quickly after Hugh Grant passed on the gig, and the writers of the show have already created a storyline to introduce Ashton that satisfies the network and studio. "It's really funny," says a source. "People are going to love it."

This would be Ashton's first regular series job since That '70s Show.

The thing is, Hugh Grant would've been funny.  But he's British.  No British guy can be a man's man.  It's not their fault, but it's true.

 Ashton will be alright and will probably help bring a younger, hipper audience to good ole, stale CBS.  But how much longer can the show really go on for though?  Remember when Charlie Sheen repalced Michael J. Fox on "Spin City" ?  Surely, this would be no more than a two year run for Ashton.

Personally, I was hoping that Jon Cryer would take Sheen's role and then Matt Broderick would get Cryer's old spot.  Of course, pretending that nothing had changed would be the funny part.  Then we could just confuse the crap out of everyone, soap opera style.

How would this be for a plot?  Turns out that Sheen's character had been an escaped convict that assumed that particular identity after Cryer (the original Sheen) had been left with amnesia from a boating accident.   But Cyer has an epiphany and suddenly remembers who is and Sheen splits town.  Then Matt Broderick enters the picture as Cryer's older brother.  

Also I would like to see Lions involved somehow.  Perhaps a cigarette smoking, lounge singing Chimpanzee would be good for ratings too.