According to recent stats, over 10% of people eat at restaurants on Thanksgiving.  So if that's you, you're not alone.  You're in the minority, but far from alone. 

I guess there's a lot of reasons that drive someone away from the traditional Thanksgiving Day Setting.

It could be you live alone and don't have a lot of family.  It could be that you despise the family you DO have.  Perhaps you're 800 miles away from the ones you would like to be with when Turkey Day rolls around.  But maybe, it's simpler than that.  Maybe you just don't want the hassle of cooking for fifteen people and worse yet, CLEANING UP after fifteen people.

If anything would drive me to eat out for Thanksgiving, that's it.  The Clean-up.  Yikes!!

I know in bigger cities, there's a multitude of dining establishments to choose from, lots of which are open on Thanksgiving day.  But what about here in Victoria?

Our research department (i.e., some bums we found in the woods behind the station), spent the better part of a day contacting local eateries to find out who's open and who's not.  So we've put together a list to help you better make plans to spend Turkey Day out on the town!  Here's our Top Five.

Our Top Five Places Open on Turkey Day

1)  Bayside Seafood -  4202 N. Navarro (361) 573-7177

I've heard of  "Chicken of the Sea".  Why not "Turkey of the sea?"

2)  Denny's - 7601 N. Navarro (361) 578-0600

With Denny's, you can get completely trashed the night before, eat their on the late night like the rest of the drunkards, sleep there AND wake up to a delicious Thanksgiving feast!!  Best of both worlds there.

3)  Moo-Moo's -  709 S. Moody St  (361) 573-3752

Go to Moo-Moo's and eat.  Stuff yourself and then WEAR a "moo-moo" back home.  It's a win-win.

4)  Golden Corral - N Navarro St Victoria  (361) 578-8176

You can never go wrong with Golden Corral.  I'm sure they will indeed have turkey as well as some of your other non Thanksgiving favorites.  Mmmm chicken fingers, roast, build your own taco!!  Then go home, lay on the couch and watch football!

5)  Lu Raq's- US Highway 77 N, Victoria  (361) 573-2900

They will be having a Thanksgiving buffett from 11-3 with Thanksgiving type food, bbq, and so much more.

There ya go, my friends.  How about that for not having to clean up on Thanksgiving?  Nobody likes to do it and it always helps having family to help.  Do they actually help or go watch football?  Your gauranteed good food and less mess with these 5 great places and you don't have to travel hundreds of miles away either.

I should also mention that more than likely chinese restaurants will be open as well.  Do you remember the movie "Christmas Story"?  Make it less stressful for you and your family this Thanksgiving.