Everything's bigger in Texas, including the net worth of our NFL franchises.

The Dallas Cowboys, who have won two playoff games in the last 17 years (and failed to make the postseason in 2012), have come out on top of Forbes’ list of valuable NFL teams. The Cowboys are worth $2.3 billion, making it the seventh consecutive year they have finished first on the list. With like that, it seems America's Team is more like Bank of America's Team. The Houston Texans managed to round out the Top 5.

The New England Patriots took the second spot, with a value of $1.8 billion. The Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens landed at number nine with $1.227 billion. The Oakland Raiders finished all the way at the bottom at $825 million.

If you get the chance to cobble together a few hundred million dollars worth of coins in your couch cushions, you should strongly consider buying an NFL franchise: the average team is worth $1.17 billion, way ahead of the averages for the other major pro sports in the US: Major League Baseball ($744 million), NBA ($509 million) and NHL ($282 million).

5 NFL Teams With the Highest Worth

1. Dallas Cowboys - $2.3 billion
New England Patriots - $1.227 billion
Washington Redskins - $1.7 billion
New York Giants - $1.55 billion
Houston Texans - $1.45 billion