You read the title correctly. Two things that have joined Chivalry and good manners on the "Things that have officially died" list. One encounter I had personally early this morning confirmed that both, are indeed, a thing of the past.

I have an unhealthy addiction to Monster energy drinks. Every so often I find myself ducking into the store early in the morning and grabbing a couple on my way to others would grab a coffee.

This morning, in particular, was no different. I stopped by my usual corner store (Not mentioning the name of the store but just know there are more than a couple in this town) and grab two drinks from the cooler. I put them on the counter to pay for them...nothing out of the ordinary. However, as I stood there for what had to be 2-3 minutes waiting for a cashier to come ring up my purchase, I notice there wasn't anyone around. Then, out of the back room, a heavy set girl appears. Talking on her cell phone. She hardly gives me anything resembling a glance before she grabs my drinks to ring them up. Now, if anyone knows anything about cold cans coming out of a cooler knows there will be some condensation on the outside of them making them wet. Apparently she was absent that day in science class. She grabs a can and it slips out of her hand falling onto the counter. She lets out a sigh of frustration all the while not letting go of her cell phone and telling whoever was on the phone "Girl, I just dropped this guy's coke".

Really?!? At this point I'm just wanting to take my "cokes" and leave without anymore fascinating life commentary from this chick. So she finishes ringing up my drinks all the while telling the "Girrrl" on the phone about having to file charges against some guy that won't leave her alone. Which immediately arouses my curiosity as to what type of guy is he that he wouldn't let this prize get away...but that's beside the point.

Anyway, she then loads my drinks into a brown paper sack (Remember the condensation from earlier?) well in the minute it took her to ask "Debit or credit" the drinks begin to soak through the bag. I knew what was coming next as I lifted the bag the bottom corner was just wet enough that one of the cans came punching through and started to fall out. She then has the audacity to give me a really unsettling stare as if I somehow, with all my evil sorcery, was able to magically alter the dynamics of basic modern physics and made that silly wet can punch through the paper sack.

Then, when I put the sack back on the counter and asked her for a plastic bag, I get a very rude "Girl, hold on" as she slams her cell phone down on the counter so she can properly operate the opening of a plastic bag with the OSHA required "two hands". I get my drinks into the bag and head out the door to hear "Girl, people be trippin" from behind me. I get in my car, shake my head and drive to work.

So there you have it. The death of customer service and common sense. As sad as it is I can't say I'm surprised. As long as people pay minimum wage you're going to get minimum standards. Not saying I think people working at McDonald's deserve $15/hour but a little raise should certainly be considered I think. Just goes to show you that the old adage can be applied to businesses owners as well as consumers. You get what you pay for.