When will aliens leave the Big Apple alone? Can’t they hit somewhere else for once?

Crysis 3 was just announced this morning by developer Crytek, who released these first screens. In the sequel to one of the best shooters of recent years you’ll once again play the soldier Prophet and return to New York City, only to find out that things are quite different from when you fled it. The aliens have encased it in a ‘Nanodome” and turned it into a rainforest, full of swamps and rivers and a billion trees. You’ll infiltrate it and use your fancy suit to try and figure out just what the hell they’re up with these domes.


As you can see in the above screengrab, Prophet’s Nanosuit is enhanced, and he now has a composite bow for stealthy kills – perhaps a little bit of a step back from the alien weaponry he used in the last couple of games, but no doubt quite lethal. He’ll have the opportunity to use even more alien tech as well and it will look better than ever, with graphics provided by the latest and greatest CryENGINE.

Expect Crysis 3 to hit Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in Spring 2013, and a trailer for the game next week.