The story is creepy and not nearly as entertaining as the guy's picture.  To cut to the chase :  A 56 year old music teacher in Tennessee, was caught outside of an Elementary school, having sex with a homemade Sex Doll, that strongly resembled a child. 


I told ya it was not a good story.  But the story is not what this article is about.  I'm just pushin' this picture. 

I'm an admitted "profiler".  I think most people fit into some kind of cliched stereotype, whether they believe it themselevs or not.  This guy IS a sex offender's sex offender.  Look at him?  How could this guy NOT be a sex offender.

Of course, a sexual offender can look like many things.  But this guy is classic.  I bet he drives a non-descript, white van full of candy and old Disney VHS tapes.  He probably looks for kids with their names on their shirt, so he can call them by name.  "Hey Timmy, your mom couldn't make it today, so she asked me to come pick you up at school today.  so, c'mon...get in the van".

You know the type.   Actually, hopefully you don't.  Hopefully, like me, you've only been warned about that type of person. 

This particular freak has two kids and gives music lessons at his children.

What makes this whole thing okay to make fun of, is the fact that he blames the sex doll incident on his ADD.