We've all the heard the same cheezy pick up lines repeated time and time again.  "Did it hurt?"  Did what hurt? "When you fell from Heaven?"   GAG!!!!   Or "you must be tired, coz you've been running thru my mind all night".   

Those are just stupid. 

But I'm researching the creepiest pick-up lines, not the cheesiest.  Big difference.  I actually think I just found a winner.

For a long time, I said that sniffing a girl and saying, "you smell like the inside of my mama's purse", was the creepiest pick up line.  In fact, any comment  relating to her smell is pretty creepy.

Or maybe, this one.  " I'm gonna call you bambi, coz I been thinkin' bout skinnin' you like a deer".  Pretty creepy in it's own right.

What about breaking the ice with this classic?  "Hi, I'm Brian...Who's your favorite serial killer?"

But here's your winner, hands down.  "Hey, excuse me...Can you help me?  Let me get your opinion.  Does this rag smell like chloraform?"  Only Willem Dafoe could make that one any creepier. 

If you have any creepy pick-up lines that you would like to add.  Feel free.  I'd love to hear them.  I'll even use them on the air.  Now...Get in the van!!!