Saturday we were hanging out at the new pet store on Laurent called Hairy Tom's Pet Shoppe, and I gotta tell you we had a great time. Hairy Tom's doesn't have the typical kittens and puppies and goldfish. No, they specialize in more unusual pets, like snakes, lizards, and ferrets. The people that work there are great, they know their stuff, and they have the answers to any questions you might have about their animals.

Hairy Tom's also has premium pet foods that are healthier for your dogs or cats, treats, toys, and that kind of thing too.  They do dog grooming too, and this month you get a free flea dip when you get your dog groomed. Call to find out about it at 361-485-0008. They're located on Laurent, across from Sav-a-lot and Beall's. Check out some shots from our visit below.