Zombies rule! They are literally all over the place these days, in books, movies, television, even on the street. If you've ever seen the movie that started it all, George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead, then you know what a classic it is. Now, get ready to see the original movie like you've never seen it before.

Just in time for Halloween, the stars of #MST3K breathe new life into the original 1968 zombie flick with a hilarious never-before-seen LIVE riffing.

It happens one time only, Thursday October 24th at 7pm, at Cinemark 12 in Victoria. You can buy tickets here for this special event, but wouldn't you rather go for free? Trade in some points from your All-Access Pass for a pair of tickets here. If you don't have your All-Access Pass yet, you can register here. It's quick, easy and free. Don't miss the ultimate zombie flick this Thursday!