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PR Advice for Al-Qaeda
When Osama bin Laden was taken out last month, it was an event that many people thought would never happen. It didn't happen soon enough, that's for sure. Hats off to the greatest military in the world for seeing it through.
The discovery of computers and documents in the compound where the al-Qaeda …
Murder Plot : Swords?? Really??
If some D-bad photographer slides under the stall door while Britney Spears is dropping a deuce...tough. She made $30 million last year, making people want to slide under the stall door.

Don't come crying to me.

Floor plans and diagrams of a celebrity's house is a bold new step in this …
End of the World May Be Sooner Than He thought
Well, at least for him. Harold Camping, the old fool that predicted the "Rapture" and the end of the world, sending wackos everywhere into a frenzy less than a month ago, evidently has had a stroke.

Cue the Billy Squier.
Modified Dairy Cows Produce Human Milk in China
Scientists in China have genetically modified a batch of cows so that they can now produce human breast milk opposed to regular cow's milk. The researchers at the Agricultural University in Beijing did so by injecting the human gene that makes milk into 300 bovine embryos.
Chinese Teen Sells Kidney to Buy iPad 2
Xiao Zheng, a 17-year-old living in China, wanted an iPad 2 so badly that he was willing to sell one of his vital organs to get it.
Zheng didn't have the money for the tablet computer so he responded to an online ad that offered cash for healthy kidneys...

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