Are Texans Gun Shy Now When it Comes to Storms?
Roughly 3-4 weeks ago, Texas was hit hard with days and days of rain that caused massive flooding and billions of dollars in damages across the state. Ultimately, the flooding also cost the lives of 8 people. Certainly a catastrophic event to say the least...
Tropical Storm Bill Hits The Crossroads-Updated
We all know how devastating a Hurricane can be, and fortunately, we're only dealing with a Tropical Storm in Bill. Here's the latest information, and what we can expect. We will keep you updated as long as the storm affects our area.
Tropical Storm Bill came ashore at noon near Ma…
More Rain on the Way for the Crossroads
As if we haven't had enough of the wet stuff over the past couple of weeks it looks as if more is on the horizon and scheduled to make this week quite the washout. A low pressure system has reared it's ugly head from the Yucatan Peninsula and has made a B-line for the Texas Gulf coast...

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