Video Games

14 Signs You’re Playing Too Many Video Games
If you're starting to show the following symptoms, then you might want to put the controller down and go for a stroll around the block or call up some friends. Remember, some of your best friends don't need a power cord. Here are some clear signs you're playing far too many video game…
If You Like Video Games then You’re Gonna Love This
YouTube user FamilyJules7X is obviously a big gamer...and also a talented musician. In this video he takes us through the history of video games with a tribute via his electric guitar, bass, acoustic, and even a pan flute? Dude is talented I'll give him that even though he did miss a couple o…
Komedy KLUB Clip of the Day!
Just to brighten everyone's day, I think i'm going to start posting a clip each and every weekday of a particular stand up bit I find funny. And I hope you do too.
Enjoy today's clip from Brian Regan as he talks about dealing with UPS.
‘The Big Lebowski’ in 8 Bit Cinema [VIDEO]
'The Big Lebowski' is a great movie for sure, and now the story can be told in video game style, thanks to the folks at CineFix. Best of all, it's presented in 8 and sometimes 16 bit video game excellence. Enjoy!

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