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‘Ash II: Shadows’ Mobile Game Review
When a game is available in cheaper and more expensive versions, it rarely makes sense to spring for the more expensive version before you start playing. Ash II: Shadows, though, is an exception. If you’re in to the genre, you may as well buy the full version upfront.
Skype Really Gets Around, Spreads Its Seed To Vita
Like Netflix, Skype is a dirty tramp of the app world. Not long after we spotted it over in the corner hitting on the Xbox, now it’s gone and jumped the bones of our PlayStation Vitas. And it’s already gotten up on just about every smartphone and tablet known to man.
Next ‘Call of Duty’ Will Be Announced May 1
Even though Call of Duty games aren’t selling as well as they did before, there’s still no bigger name in the show. Any trickle of news about the next game — even an announcement that there will be an announcement — stirs the internet up into a frenzy.
‘Monster Words’ Mobile Game Review
Many times when mobile game developers go wrong, it’s because they’re trying to replicate a home console experience on a device that fits in your pocket. There’s something to be said for thinking small and nailing a simple concept with precision, and t…
Ron Paul… The Video Game?
The co-founder and programmer of has dedicated the last year to making this Ron Paul video game, which is a 2D side-scrolling adventure that follows the Libertarian leader through 50 plus levels designed around each of the 50 states.
‘Pizza vs. Skeletons’ Mobile Game Review
We’ve sweated out many a sleepless night wondering whatever we would do if skeletal armies assaulted us. The answer, it turns out, was always in our freezers. As ‘Pizza vs. Skeletons’ attests, pizzas are far more than the world’s perfect food. Th…

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