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Fan Girl Does All 151 Original Pokemon Character Voices
Although we have some knowledge of Pokemon, we honestly can’t tell the difference between Squirtle and Pikachu. And yet, this fan girl displays a seriously in-depth understanding of the video game-based franchise as she voices all 151 of the original Pokemon.
10 Best Fighting Games
Fighting games are the perfect way to settle an argument, but there is etiquette to observe.
First, you gotta let your opponent know you mean business and a slapping a silk glove across his face just doesn’t cut it. Smashing him in the face with a controller is more the style. Then once a controller …
New Video Game Releases — July 2012
The new video game releases for July 2012 has very little to get excited about. One interesting note is that while there’s not a single new Vita game coming out there are plenty for the 3DS. E3 was pretty light on stuff for Sony’s new system but let’s …
10 Best Racing Games Ever
This is a list of the 10 best racing games ever to make you sweat over who will win the checkered flag with their Cheeto covered analog sticks.
10 Best iPhone Games
If you asked Siri what the 10 best iPhone games were, she’d probably answer with a list that looks a little like this.

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